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published on June 8, 2013

LanduseSim is a GIS tool for land use/ land cover (LULC) modeling and simulation. LanduseSim able to deal with land dynamic simulation. LanduseSim as land use modeling software becomes an appropriate software to do massive simulation such as predict of urban sprawl and land-use change prediction undergo computer iteration. More advance in utilization, LanduseSim is capable on delivering several crucial frameworks for regional and urban planning processes such as explaining the land use/cover changes, generate more various planning scenarios, evaluating the developing plans, simulate the plans, and provide feed-backs for deep understanding of changes. LanduseSim was designed to be a stand-alone software (not an extension for certain software), however several initial operations require GIS software (Quantum/ Ilwis/ Grass/ ArcView/ ArcGIS) in order to prepare input data for LanduseSim. LanduseSim is targeted for urban & regional planner, real estate planner, geographer, environmental scientist, developer, academia, planning agency, and other whom interested in land use observation, planning and management.

As a Land-use Modeling Tool, LanduseSim has several advantages compare than others. It is a stand-alone software while most of land-use modeling software used as an extension for certain software (depend on parental-software). It is very fast to deal with very intense iteration using big data of land use/land cover map. Furthermore, LanduseSim has high of computational efficiency for CPU so user still able playing musics, games, movies, or other office works while do running on simulation without worrying about losing the power of calculation, and absolutely it keeps expand your battery life. To ensure the valid modeling, LanduseSim was designed by implementing Enhanced Cellular Automata Model Algorithm, a cutting-edge of methodology for land scape simulation. LanduseSim also equipped by user-friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface). LanduseSim only compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8.

External Links:
1. A New Kind of Science: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_New_Kind_of_Science
2. Cellular Automata: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellular_automaton
3. Lecture of CA: http://www.casa.ucl.ac.uk/rits/rits-lecture-7.pdf
4. Book: http://goo.gl/PXhyE (Modelling Urban Development with Geographical Information Systems and Cellular Automata)

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